I haven't been very much there, point taken ><

BUT NOW I'M HERE! And I have to empty my inbox, urgently O_O
(No shite : )

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MORE IMPORTANTLY!!! THANK YOU FOR THE anon!LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE *flails and flails* <3<3<3<3<3<3 I've given some love already, but I shall be giving all the love I've got sometime during this weekend <3

I love you aaaaaaaaaaall (and I shall be making a 'poke me with a stick' sticky post, if you wanna, you know, poke me with a stick and see if I'm still alive in the future XD DONE!)



Hullo there, I'm Izzie, nice to meet you!

God. I've been gone lurking forever :o

But that's because of school... Let's always blame school!
No, but seriously, it's school, and I'm only one month in. *cries* No time for HD!drawing éè even fic!reading has been pretty low on my to-do list... How is that possible? HOW?!

Anyway T_T I have a video-clip thingy to do! Does anyone know a song with really ridiculous/funny-ish lyrics? I'll have to draw to that :3

Pretend!comic cover! YEAy <3

Thought I was dead? Thought WRONG! Ah-HA! <3

I have owls for you my dearies, OWLS!

I haven't touched a pencil for the purpose of drawing in ages, and I do mean it! So it was nice to get reacquainted with paper <3

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